There are most certainly no shortage of questions surrounding the legal Hemp industry and the products made from in. Below are some questions we get all the time and the answers we usually give. If you don't see your specific question, please click here, and we'll answer it ASAP! Thank you!

::  Will CBD get me high?

Nope! Our products contain CBD which is the NON-psychoactive component of the Hemp/Cannabis plant. THC is the part that gets you high, and all of our products are THC free or below .3%, which is within the legal limit. While many people get a relaxed and calm feeling after consuming Hemp CBD, it does not get you high like marijuana will. 

::  Is CBD legal in my State?

Of course. Happy Hippie CBD is made with Hemp Extract which is legal in all 50 States. People sometimes get confused between Hemp and Marijuana which legal only in the states that have legalized it but is still Federally illegal. 

::  Can I take too much?

The average dose of CBD is 10-15mg Daily, but you cannot have too much - there is no harm in it. Play around with different amounts until you feel you've taken the correct amount. 

::  Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD?

Depends on how much you take. Drug tests look primarily for THC, the molecule in the marijuana plant that gets you high. Our Full Spectrum products do contain the legal limit or less of THC. Please consult your employer before taking the product if you are unsure of their policy.  

::  Can I take CBD if I'm pregnant?

While we've had plenty of pregnant customers, and there is research that shows that CBD is safe while pregnant, we'll cover our tushies and say NO. 

::  What happens if my pet eat CBD oil or edibles?

Great! Pet consumption of CBD/Hemp is actually the fastest growing segment of the CBD industry. It's good for their organ health, neurological health and it helps keep them calm and obedient. It'll cause no harm to them. Woof!

::  What is CBD good for?

Hemp extract is an emerging superfood that has a whole host of amazing benefits. From reducing anxiety to helping brain function to boosting immune response, Hemp CBD is highly researched and more information on its benefits seem to emerge daily. Happy Hippie CBD contains hemp extract that can help joint discomfort, contributes to metabolic homeostasis and even helps regulate neurological functioning. It's an overall great dietary supplement to add to your regimen.

::  Can I sell Happy Hippie CBD for you?

Sure! If you have a brick and mortar store, an ecommerce website or just someone who would like to re-sell CBD at their local farmer's markets, we have a wholesale program whereby if you order a minimum quantity to resell, you get wholesale pricing. Please Click Here to fill out our wholesale inquiry form.