Hemp Derived Delta 9

  • delta 9 english toffee

    delta 9 english toffee

    Milk Chocolate English Toffee squares – The mouth watering flavor is rich and buttery and the toffee itself is sandwiched between two layers of decadent milk chocolate. Each square contains 15mg D9 THC + 15mg CBD Per Toffee.

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  • Ultra blend lollipops

    Ultra blend lollipops

    Loaded with natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids, our Ultra Blend lollipops are the perfect way to add a boost to your day Key Facts 50mg of cannabinoids per piece, including HHC, Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC-P Directions 1 piece every 4 hours. Do not...

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  • delta 9 thc seasonal gummies

    delta 9 thc seasonal gummies

    Delta 9 seasonal selections- Candy Cane, Sweet Potato Marshmellow, and Cranberry. Try them all and savor the seasonal delight.   Each bag contains 2 count gummies 10mg Delta 9 THC and 10mg CBD per gummy

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  • HHC 25mg gummies

    HHC 25mg gummies

    Savor this rich assortment of delicious-tasting gummies, packed with pure HHC Key Facts 30 gummies flavored in Blue Raspberry, Mango, Strawberry & Watermelon 25mg of HHC in every gummy Gelatin-free, vegan-friendly gummies Lab-Tested for purity and...

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  • ULTRA infused 50mg gummies

    ULTRA infused 50mg gummies

    It’s the Ultimate Cannabinoid Experience – Can you handle our Ultra Infused Gummies? Key Facts 50mg of our top recreational cannabinoids in every gummy! 20mg of Delta 8 - 20mg of HHC - 9mg of Delta 9 - 1mg of THC-P in EVERY PIECE Delicious...

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  • Giraffe Balls D9 milk chocolate malt balls Giraffe Balls D9 milk chocolate malt balls

    Giraffe Balls D9 milk chocolate malt balls

    *NEW*! Giraffe Balls! Malted milk balls like you’ve never had. A rich layer of the finest pure milk chocolate, infused with 7mg Delta 9 THC. These balls are perfect for Delta 9 newcomers or if you’re not looking to get fully baked ? The New...

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  • Crispy blunts

    Crispy blunts

    Crispy Phyllo Dough 2 Sticks 1.5 oz   Crispy Blunts are crispy, creamy, and delicious sticks - an unexpected combination of tastes and textures infused with your choice of 100mg D9/ 100mg D8/ 100mg HHC Crispy Phyllo Dough filled with Hazelnut...

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  • THC Blend Gummies 3000 MG

    THC Blend Gummies 3000 MG

    DOT 3000mg gummies These gummies feature their signature proprietary blend of cannabinoids including Delta-9, Live Resin Delta-8, HHC, and THC-P 15 count- 200mg per gummy flavors vary

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